For clients that are looking for financial planning and investment help, we’ve curated the following list of advisors that we work with closely.

  • Discovery Wealth Planning LLC

    Chris Urban
    Designations: CFP, MBA, BS or MS in a related field, RICP
    (Retirement Income Certified Professional)
    Ideal Client: Work is optional. We excel in serving those who are financially independent
    (or will be soon). You are open to going through an extensive discovery process to help us form the
    foundation of a client-advisor relationship built on trust and confidence. You are open to a proactive,
    collaborative approach to healthcare, tax and investment planning, and you wish to outsource investment
    management to a qualified advisor. Both you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) are willing to be active
    participants in the financial planning process. You are age 55 or older and do not own a business. You do
    not have any international tax planning needs. You want to work with an advisor who provides organization,
    accountability, objectivity, proactivity, education and partnership. Your net worth is between $2 million
    and $10 million.


    Discovery Wealth Planning is a life-centered wealth planning business focused on establishing and developing
    trusted relationships with clients. We believe “discovery” is the most important stage of the
    wealth planning process because it allows us to uncover what is truly meaningful in your life, and then
    allocate your resources with purpose and intention. We focus on retirement planning, notably investments,
    taxes and healthcare. Our comprehensive service is offered for a flat, annual fee. Additionally, we are
    familiar with U.S. Federal Employee and Retiree benefits.

  • Deane Wealth Management

    Samuel Deane
    Designations: MBA
    Ideal Client: Tech employee with stock comp


    Samuel Deane is a financial planner and founder of Deane Wealth Management, a fee-only independent
    investment advisory firm for tech employees. We specialize in working with founders and startup employees
    experiencing an acquisition, IPO or other liquidity event, as well as professionals with stock options and
    equity compensation complexity. We’ve worked with clients from well-known companies, like Stripe, Meta,
    Spotify, Coinbase, Airbnb, Twilio, Google and Etsy — to name a few. Our expertise has allowed us to help
    clients pay less in taxes, take sabbaticals, pay off debt, and become financially independent. In addition
    to being named as Investopedia’s Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors in the country, Samuel has
    created content for top investing publications, like Morningstar. He has been featured in the Wall Street
    Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Investment News, and many more for his work with clients.

  • Kelly Klingaman Financial Planning

    Kelly Klingaman
    Designations: CFP, RLP (Registered Life Planner)
    Ideal Client: I typically work with young professional dual-career couples/families
    (millennial generation) where the woman in the relationship makes as much as or more than her
    partner/spouse, and she works in a male-dominated career path like finance, tech, BigLaw, & engineering;
    household income is usually $250K (W-2) or more and typically includes some form of equity comp or large
    supplemental cash bonuses. We focus on: Financial Planning, Investment Management, Stock Option & Equity
    Compensation Planning, Tax Strategizing, Estate Planning, Contract Reviews, Workplace Retirement Plans, and


    Kelly Klingaman Financial Planning provides ongoing financial planning & investment management to busy
    professional women and families, particularly those in the finance and tech industries or receiving equity
    compensation. As a high-achieving woman, you are juggling a lot, especially as part of a dual-career
    household. We will work together to use your financial resources effectively so you can make the most of
    your wealth-building years and confidently live your ideal life right now.

  • Jane Financial, LLC

    Jane Yoo
    Designations: CFP, MBA
    Ideal Client: Bay Area superstar women in tech with an annual income $500K+ and net worth
    > $1M. They’re too busy to manage their finances on their own, and are seeking a long-term relationship
    with a trusted financial planner.


    I primarily serve women in tech who need help with their RSUs and stock options. This includes guiding them
    through exit events like IPOs and tender offers. I run detailed tax projections myself so that I can walk
    clients through detailed scenarios. Beyond the technical expertise, I serve as my clients’ advocate and
    thinking partner.

  • Flow Financial Planning, LLC

    Meg Bartelt
    Designations: CFP, BS or MS in a related field
    Ideal Client: Woman in early to mid career in the tech industry, esp. in pre-IPO company


    Flow works with you on all aspects of your financial life—from employee benefits to 401(k) investments to
    sabbaticals to job offers to IPOs—and guides YOU to make decisions that best align your money with what you
    truly value. We believe one of our most important roles is as your Thinking Partner. Especially when it
    comes to equity compensation planning, we have found that getting clear on what kind of life you want to
    build can bring clarity to an otherwise uncertain, stressful, and unpredictable decision.

  • Cultivating Wealth

    Sara Stanich
    Designations: CFP, MBA, CDFA, CEPA
    Ideal Client: Our clients often relate to one of the following descriptions:
    1. Financial Crossroads – Facing a major life change (divorce, stock event, job change,
    move, inheritance) and need a supportive team on your side to make informed decisions.
    2. Tired of Traditional – Want a real financial plan and relationship with a trusted
    advisor, not just investments or insurance. Your “old” advisor doesn’t get it, and you are ready to upgrade.
    3. Creative &Entrepreneurial – Focused on growing your business and finance is not your
    thing. A partner to help with your sometimes-neglected personal finances would be amazing.


    Our team is passionate about supporting our clients on their path to their best life. We find that clients
    may have a complex financial life and substantial investments, but still lack an understanding of how
    financial goals relate to their real life. While many financial advisors focus on investments, we believe
    your portfolio is only one part of the picture. We will analyze your personal financial situation; help you
    set realistic financial goals and develop plans to help you achieve them. Financial planning allows you to
    make informed decisions which help enable financial success, protect your family and ultimately cultivate
    wealth over time. How do you define your best life? Let’s build a plan to get there.

  • Jade & Cowry

    Hui-chin Chen
    Designations: CFP
    Ideal Client: Professionals who have moved around internationally for work, especially those with equity comp vesting in multiple countries; Business owners or self-employed individuals that are globally mobile; Families with multiple citizenships and cultural backgrounds.


    Jade & Cowry is an independent fiduciary financial advisory firm dedicated to helping globally mobile professionals and multinational / multicultural families navigate the complexities of cross-border living so that you can live a meaningful life, free from financial stress, regardless of where life’s journeys take you.

  • Franklin Madison Advisors

    Peter Donisanu
    Designations: MBA
    Ideal Client: Tech professionals who want to use their wealth to LIVE their legacy.


    Our firm was founded on the principle that almost anyone can become financially independent with the right
    strategy and resources. In fact, our name, Franklin Madison Advisors, embodies this idea. Growing up in a
    blue-collar, working-class neighborhood, I was the first in my family to graduate from college and went on
    to have a successful corporate career on Wall Street.
    So why Franklin Madison Advisors? Well, the name Franklin Madison represents places in time where I
    committed to leaving behind a crippling attitude about money to pursue a life filled with purpose. I share
    this personal history with you to reinforce the point that it doesn’t matter where you started in life or
    what condition your finances are in today. If you’re serious about becoming financially independent, what
    matters most is the place in time where you finally commit to aligning your money with your passions.
    Why Work with Me? I specialize in assisting top-tier tech professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you:
    – Get a handle on your cash flows.
    – Navigate equity compensation intricacies.
    – Optimize tax strategies.
    – Plan for both early and traditional retirements.
    – Establish your legacy.
    With over 20 years in the financial realm, including pivotal roles at Wells Fargo Investment Institute and
    appearances in leading media outlets like CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, I offer not just expertise, but
    real-world experience.
    My background spans both the tech and financial sectors. Starting out in roles from database administration
    to software engineering, I transitioned into finance, leveraging my tech experience to excel as a quant and
    later, an econometrician. In a world where tech and finance increasingly intersect, my combined experience
    positions me uniquely to guide you.
    I’m committed to the highest standards of ethics as a Series 65 Licensed Investment Advisor Representative.
    And my academic background includes an MBA with a Finance emphasis and completion of the CFP® Certification
    Education program.
    Outside the Office: I’m a passionate runner, human experience enthusiast, and proud family man residing in
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Stone Steps Financial

    Scott Frank
    Designations: CFA, CFP, RLP
    Ideal Client: Employees and executives at tech and bio tech companies who want to align
    their money with life.


    We are passionate about helping align your money with your life, freeing up your time to enjoy what matters
    most. We know that no two people are the same and therefore, no two financial life plans should be either.
    We take the time to show you where you currently are, help you gain clarity about where you want to go, and
    lay out the next steps to help you get there as quickly as possible.
    Stone Steps provides comprehensive financial life planning and investment management designed to help you
    plan better and live better.
    Planning topics include but are not limited to: Stock Compensation, Tax Planning, Cash Flow, Insurance,
    Estate Planning, Investments, College Planning.

  • Simplify Wealth Planning

    Marcel Miu
    Designations: CFA, CFP, CAIA
    Ideal Client: Tech professionals earning stock options/equity compensation.


    Simplify Wealth Planning (SWP) helps tech professionals like you master your money and live your best life.
    We use a personalized approach that aligns your financial decisions with your goals.
    Here’s how we can help you:
    – Simplify your equity compensation and tax planning
    – Build an investment strategy
    – Protect your assets and legacy
    – Educate you. We won’t just tell you what to do, we’ll explain why our recommendations make sense for you.

  • Bull Oak

    Ryan A. Hughes
    Designations: MBA
    Ideal Client: Working Professionals


    Bull Oak is a top-rated fiduciary financial advisor who believes data-driven planning and pragmatic
    investing provide the best opportunity for financial success. Our process is personalized and methodical. We
    help our clients achieve more through well-informed foresight. ISO, NSO, RSU — we get it. Bull Oak has deep
    expertise with successful professionals. We’ll help you maximize your potential. You work hard for your
    money. We’ll work hard to help you capitalize on what you’ve earned.

  • Aligning Wealth

    Jenna VanLeeuwen
    Designations: CFP, CEPA
    Ideal Client: Influencer, creator, agency owner or online entrepreneur


    I help online business owners, entrepreneurs and digital creators create a life they love. Aligning Wealth
    is the financial advisor chosen by influencers, course and content creators, e-commerce and digital product
    entrepreneurs, and digital marketers. We’re their go-to financial partner, helping them optimize their
    finances, increase their impact, and provide the support they need to build their ideal lives. For many of
    my clients, this means avoiding paying unnecessary tax, thoughtfully managing investments, building
    sophisticated retirement strategies, and navigating liquidity or exit events.. Above all, I help
    entrepreneurs optimize their success to create long-lasting wealth in line with their values and vision.

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