Physician Tax Advisor Program at McCarthy Tax

Expert Tax Services for Physicians

Tax Consulting

McCarthy Tax can help provide a proactive approach to tax planning.

Common projects include…


Retirement contribution optimization

Whether you’re looking to optimize your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan or coordinating benefits with a Solo 401(k) or SEP IRA, we can help maximize your deductible contributions.

Advanced real estate strategies

We can assist anyone from the accidental landlord to real estate experts looking to maximize the tax benefits from a short term rental strategy and cost segregation studies.

Back Door Roth IRA conversions

If you’re looking to save even more for retirement we can advise on the correct way to implement the back door Roth IRA strategy to ensure you aren’t inadvertently subject to the pro-rata IRS rules.

Tax Preparation

McCarthy Tax Preparation provides both personal and business income tax preparation as well as payroll service through Gusto. If you’re thinking of creating an S Corp, check with us to ensure you’ll be receiving the appropriate tax savings.

All of our proposals include tax return preparation AND tax planning. We feel passionate about helping clients proactively plan for their taxes, reduce tax liabilities and eliminate April surprises. Each new client receives two one hour planning sessions and a tax plan with actionable items.

Packages start at $2,000

Let’s discuss your tax needs.


Learn more about how we work with Physicians
What does it cost to work with McCarthy Tax?

We charge a fee determined by your complexity that we’ll determine on your introductory call. Prices range from from $2,000 – $7,050.

How do you work with clients?

We use the best technology available to work with clients throughout the country. Client calls are conducted over Google Meet and documents are exchanged via a secure client portal. Our clients are supported with a team approach with a central point of contact.

Can you work with clients in all 50 states?
Our team has experience in over 45+ states, so we can work with clients all over the country using our suite of cloud based applications.
What services does your company offer?
We provide a full range of tax preparation and tax planning services including individual, partnership, corporation, gift, and estate/trust returns. We also support select small businesses (primarily service based businesses).
What does your tax planning and projection work look like?

We schedule two one hour sessions with new clients. The first session is an information gathering meeting. After reviewing your unique tax situation we schedule another hour long session to deliver your tax plan, answer questions and provide action items.

How can I get started working with you?

Schedule an introductory call so we can learn more about you and your tax situation!

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