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We specialize in helping you navigate the tremendous tax planning opportunities of stock options & equity compensation

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Stock Option Tax Preparation
Stock Option Tax Planning

Tax Planning

If you’re like most of our clients, tax expenses are your highest budget expense. Let’s think about ways to lower your tax bill proactively through tax planning for stock options.
Stock Option Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation for stock options is complicated! Filing your own taxes can lead to errors that result in a larger balance due then you legally owe.

Tax Projection

Tax expense can vary quite a bit from year to year as your equity compensation varies. Our tax projection service helps eliminate the uncertainty of a big tax bill in April.

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California Disaster Relief and What It Means for Tax Deadlines

California Disaster Relief and What It Means for Tax Deadlines

Recently the IRS and California finalized new rules for tax deadlines for much of the state of California. Deadlines for filing and payment have been extended for the following counties: From the IRS tax website: “Following the disaster declaration issued by the...

#1 Tax Trap for Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

#1 Tax Trap for Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are a popular form of stock option compensation at publicly traded companies. RSUs can be confusing at tax time because of one peculiarity when the shares are sold: The IRS prohibits brokers (like Shareworks, Fidelity, etc.) from...


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